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Mix no more than two complementing colors or metal finishes and avoid styling together polished and brushed metals of the same color.


For a strong masculine look more is better and bigger stacks make the most impact. When building a stack use one accessory with an intricate design and complete the styling with several simple pieces.


At least two but no more than four rings will create a visual balance and complement the wrist accessories. Avoid stacking multiple rings on one finger unless they are designed to be stacked together.


Perfect Pride Month gift. Quality and packaging were great, and my boyfriend is crazy about wearing cock rings, so I’ve definitely found the memorable gift this year and can't wait to use together!

Steve R.

Awesome bracelet with modern style! I love it!

Kyle C.

Impressive ring! I love wearing this ring because nice and heavy and I can actually feel the weight of it on my hand. Gives me sort of feeling of confidence like wearing boxing gloves of some sort :)

Michael D.

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