HARD NEW YORK Bamboo Maverick Aviators

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Crafted for the modern trailblazer, the HARD NEW YORK Bamboo Maverick Aviators are a contemporary twist on the iconic aviator silhouette. These sunglasses boast a sleek, oversized lens that commands attention, while the authentic bamboo frame adds an organic touch to the aerodynamic design. They're not just an accessory but a hallmark of eco-conscious craftsmanship and style. Perfect for any occasion, these aviators are a staple for those who covet a look that's both classic and on the cutting edge. Whether it's city streets or open skies, the HARD NEW YORK Bamboo Aviators are your companion in style, capturing the essence of the modern cowboy spirit with every wear.

Bamboo Sunglasses for MenThe HARD NEW YORK Bamboo Aviators are the quintessential choice for the discerning individual who carries the essence of the modern cowboy. Maxwell's favorite, these sunglasses elevate the iconic aviator style with a sustainable twist. The bamboo frames reflect a commitment to environmentally friendly fashion, while the oversized lenses maintain that classic, bold look. Ideal for versatile wear, they seamlessly fit into any ensemble, from the urban explorer to the open-range rover.

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